Hi everyone,

I browsed through the first 6 pages of this subforum and did not find such a thread so i started a new one

So who of you cartographers is (or was) a roleplayer? And by roleplayer i mean a pen & paper roleplayer, not crpgs ... good old face-to-face roleplaying.

There are a lot of aspiring writers on here who map for their novels and the world the stories are set in - so i am kind of curious as to how many of you are into mapping for producing maps and worlds for your gaming-needs.

And last but not least...if you out yourself as a rpg-er, tell us about your favourite setting (besides your own) and what kind of systems you like and play.

I start:

From all the published roleplaying settings i like Artesia and Middle Earth (strictly as a setting - the rules that came with it never convinced me that much) best. Why Artesia and ME? The depth of the setting and it's living and breathing mythology. Just great.
A very good setting was Birthright from good old TSR. On the same note, i loved Dragonlance (this might be because the dragonlance novels by M. Weiss and T. Hickman were my very first fantasy novels i read as an early teen).

Systemwise i dig dicepool mechanics (bellcurve all the way...i hate linear distribution). Roll and Keep is overall my favourite but i also like the storyteller system that WW uses or the newest iteration of Shadowrun 4th ed. . A dicepool variant that i need to try is the ORE in its Reign iteration.
Other nice mechanics are 3d6 (for example GURPS) roll under (or over, doesn't really matter) and i do like all the FATE games i looked into with their 4dF.

Ok, your turn...