Hello everyone!

First; I have a question concerning PS CS5 and a few of the tools. One of the problems I am having, is with the Pen tool. In the Saderun tutorial, for the rivers part, it says you can drag the pen around and it will leave anchor squares you can adjust if you make mistakes....but none of the Pen options seems to allow that. One allows me to drag it around, but it won't allow me to move the anchor squares. I press [A] and the anchors appear, but I can only move a few circle anchor points, nothing else. I was wondering if I am using the incorrect pen and if so, how do I switch or if this is the correct pen the tutorial speaks of (image shows square anchors, so that's why I'm confused ).

Second; I can't seem to keep my layers/channels/paths window up. Sometimes it turns off and when I open up Photoshop, I have to manually add it again. Is there any way I can make it so it stays up?

*And yes, I looked at the Basic Photoshop links in the tutorial area; it didn't say anything about what I'm asking for the Pens, though it did speak about the differences of the Pen tool etc*

Lastly; I hope this is the correct place to ask this as well (didn't want to spam different topics >.>), I was wondering if there were another other tutorials on how to do what the Saderrun tutorial shows, but on hand-drawn maps. I've only found this one and I will begin reading it right now, but I was just curious if there were anymore available

Thanks for reading!