This is the first map I've made since I've joined here a day ago. I've decided to stop using Paint, so this is my first time using only Inkscape for a map.

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Basically, Noravea is on a fictional continent in the Atlantic, and was one of the 13 Colonies (Mostly the area around Columbia was part of the Colony). It was the 13th Colony (With there just being one Carolina), and became one of the first states to join the Union. In 1828, following the issue with Jackson and John Quincy Adams, during which Jackson won most of the popular and electoral vote, but never got a majority (There were 4 major candidates). After Adams became President, Noravea in protest declared independence. While independence was given, Jackson became POTUS two years later. Noravea for much of the century shared the same problems of the United States, and even fought a Civil War in the 1860s. In 2010, a Revolution overthrew the old government, and established a monarchy under an Emperor, who was the man who led the Revolution.