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Thread: Invasion of the butterfrogs!

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    Default Invasion of the butterfrogs!

    Hola fellow cartographers!

    I'm a newby so-called digital illustrator who's be doing amateur epic fantasy RPG illos for the past 4 years and somehow managed to squeeze his way into Paizo's Pathfinder with a few city cartography design (just the city layout, not the actual final map) and have legendary Rob Lazzerati take over and do the final and awesome render of such maps.

    So far I have only 5 "professional" cartographic credits, and 4 actual properly finished maps, but having the fantastic influence of Jon Roberts (aka torstan in here) and a little of extra time and your excellent references and mojo, I'm planning on jumping into a cartography portfolio just as strong (or stronger) than my illo work (which ain't so strong anyways).

    So, here you'll have me bugging you with questions and one or two annoying post, hope you bear with me!

    Hugo Solis

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    Hey Hugo. Nice to have you over here. Stick a few maps up in the finished maps forum and show people what you've got

    There's some non-map threads in the General Discussion forum if you want to post some of your non-map stuff (the drakes are particularly cool).

    - Jon
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    Hey Hugo, (Michael Tumey) here - ask away, lots of experts here, besides Torstan and I. Good to see you onboard.

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    Welcome to the guild!
    Some really nice illustrations you have over at Deviantart.
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    Great maps too! They really are awesome. So Welcome to the Guild!

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    Seen your stuff on DA...welcome to The Guild.
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    Hi Hugo! Welcome to The Guild! Your maps are already in my favourites folder at dA

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    I KNEW i recognized the butterfrog from somewhere, great work! looking forward to seeing more from you!

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    welcome to the guild... great work on your DA account
    regs tilt
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