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Thread: My first three maps

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    Default My first three maps

    I did these for Paizo's RPG pathfinder, I do have some experience with Photoshop (I'm an amateur illustrator) so it may not seem that these are first-time ever maps, but they are. Pitax was the first one ever, followed by the Chelish Bastion and the Saventh-Yhi, the last took waaaaaaaaay too much longer than it should have, but the result was well worth it, but not very wise business-minded decision. The map tags are for show only, those aren't official.

    For a full description, please check the individual images at my Paizo Gallery

    Hope you like!

    All these are Paizo Publishing LLC Copyrighted
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Name:	Map 06b Saventh-Yhi Abandoned Sm.jpg 
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    Amazing.. I spent like 10 minutes trying to look for a flaw so I could criticize.. But there are none!

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    well, on Pitax you'll find plenty! Like croked walls and sketchy outlines Its a pencil drawing with digital coloring underneath, close enough you can see the sketchi line. You can look closer in here:

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    And very lovely they are too You already know my thoughts on these (love the depth and multi-level effects on the Chelish map). The line work is excellent. I'd hold off using filters for the 3D effects - they don't quite work with the hand drawn feel. Love the colours and the font choices, and the city design on Pitax with the street layouts is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more!
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    I saw already some of them at dA and they're really great! Also love your illustrations btw cheers, DJ
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    I too have already showered my praise for these over at DA, but just to reiterate, these are just plain amazing!


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    Bah. I don't even see why you would even want to bother posting these...*masterpieces*. Man, Hugo, I thought you were just a beginner!

    Welcome to the Guild. I'm looking forward to what you can teach *us*!

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    Wow. These maps are really nice. I love your work at DA too. Rep.

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    fantastic maps mate love them . Repped

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    Welcome to the Guild.... you maps (and artwork) are nothing short of breath taking. Fantastic work!!!

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