In Fractal Terrains I encountered the 1.$ (infinity) bug for altitudes in my searches I have read that there currently isn't a fix for it. I am attempting to work around this but have encountered some other problems that may be easily overcome.

My solution so far has been in FT save as a specal .mdr file
Open the File with Wilbur,
Texture it as an 8 bit greyscale image image and save,
Open in Photoshop and delete out the "Black Holes" and save.
Open the file in Wilbur, and "span" back to my original altitude ranges.
I think there is something else I need to do here but don't know what.
Save as a .mdr file saved it as an .mdr
Create a new Binary file and load the .mdr default it says it is 4096 x 2048 for length and width.
Now I have a tiny image of my planet "according to the ruler it is about 100 miles long"

How can I make it go back to the original length and width? There is something that I am missing but I am really new to both applications and could use some help to make it the right size.

Many Thanks