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Thread: In the Company of Henge (for Kaidan) #8 spot on DriveThruRPG

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    Default In the Company of Henge (for Kaidan) #8 spot on DriveThruRPG

    Well, I'll post a link, but it probably won't be good by tomorrow... In the Company of Henge - it's #8 in the top 100 products sold today, and it was just released yesterday!!?!

    We just released our 3rd PC Race book for Kaidan, In the Company of Henge - which are animal based shapechanger Hengeyokai. This book features an 'in character' origin story on Henge in Kaidan, then contains several archetypes and a 20 level racial paragon class. The book features several clans of specific henge animals - badgers, monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats - and couple more...

    I'm wondering if any specific ads or discussions are leading buyers to the product. I know that the past In the Company of... especially Tengu received 3 5 star ratings. Plus I'm guessing there's a market for those buying the Jade Regent Adventure Path (oriental campaign) for Paizo which is just in the initial stages of release. That's just a guess on where traffic might be coming.

    Hey its pretty exciting though!

    Michael "GP" Tumey

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    PS: plus its the first Kaidan product where I did the cover illustration (most of my releases have some of my illos as interior stuff, but no covers until now!)
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    Congratulations GP!

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    Congratz GP!
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    That is exciting I'm sure just to know that folks are enjoying what you have spent so much time creating. Congratulations man.
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