Hey guys,

I have been looking around the forums for a while now, admiring what great maps the resident artists are creating, and after making a few attempts myself I have decided its best to leave it to those who actually have talent.

Now, while I know I have no talent in making maps, I am a bit talented at making nation building roleplaying games. NBRPs. The only problem with the genre is that apart from our real world planet map, there is no other source material for game maps. After doing this for years using Earth over and over and over again has became tedius.

With that in mind I throw myself at the great artists out there, meaning here on the forum, to help me. I know many of your are busy, and would rather do a paid map, but I sadly can't afford it. So I beg you guys to help me. My request I think is not that complicated, I am mostly just begging for your imagination on that which is concerning the world map, part where I lack deeply imagination.

So please, pretty please, with honey and sugar on top, help me.


The style would be a blank map mostly, like the one in the link, except that the shores of the islands and maps won't be that detailed, please.

Description of Map

Hm, the type of map I need is one that I might be able to edit, color-wise only, afterwards. It needs to be a world map, around two main continents and a few islands, big and small, depends. If it can be three main continents and around them or between them small and big islands than that would be great.

The idea of the map is that I want to divide the continents and islands into provinces for gameplay reasons as a way to keep track of players on it. So after the map is partitioned I shall do that quick colouring of one province to adapt it to the necessity of the game. So taking the future colouring in mind if there were a way to have on the continents and islands mountains, forests, plains, hills and marshes drawn, not coloured, it would be great. The way they should be drawn small scale, as secondary details to the map.

For colours the only colour I need is that of the sea. Apart from that, I don't think the map needs anything else. I need the continents and islands for places where players can pick their nations, the mountain, hills, forests, plains and marshes, details to help me establish their income and resources, and their own rp setting, and that's about it.

Quality & Size

A 2000x2000 size would be good, and as for quality, good enough to attract people and make them wanna join in, to be eye pleasing.
Also if there were too maps that would be great, the same map, in two form. The first one is the map as request above, the second one only if the author desires to do it, and by that I mean the same map, but with the province borders drawn by the author of the map, if he wishes to do it.

Copyright - The copyright goes to the author of the map. I will retain the right to use the map for my games.

With one last line, thank you guys for reading this, and if anyone wants to help and do this, I would be more eternally gratefull.