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Thread: *** MARCH CHALLENGE: Not Your Father's Random Dungeon ***

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    Post *** MARCH CHALLENGE: Not Your Father's Random Dungeon ***

    *** MARCH CHALLENGE: Not Your Father's Random Dungeon ***

    This month's challenge hearkens back to the days of rogue, hack, and randomly generated dungeon crawls. Indispensable to the harried DM, there are a variety of tools for creating random dungeons with random contents, including Jamis Buck's Dungeon Generator. Follow the link, take it for a spin, and get a few random dungeons in your file for further use--then head back here for the challenge...

    This month's challenge is this herculean task: Take a specific dungeon created by the random generator by us and turn it into a cartographic work of art.

    Here is the full link that provides all the details we've randomly generated... 5 rooms, contents randomly assigned. To avoid burning up too much of their bandwidth here is an off-line copy you should work from: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dungeon Generator.pdf 
Views:	104 
Size:	41.7 KB 
ID:	2552.

    • Everything specified in the descriptions must be reflected in your map.
    • Scale is the standard 5ft per square.
    • Additional details, contents, furnishings, ornamentation, fabrications, elevations (stairs), traps, or any other additions desired may be added so long as they are consistent with the source map.
    • Rooms containing monsters or characters should not actually depict them, but should reflect the inhabitant(s). For example, a spider implies webs...
    • It is recommended that one (or more) entrances to the dungeon are provided or indicated
    • Other than the last guideline, no rooms, corridors, or doors can be added to the dungeon layout.

    The focus this month is the dungeon map itself. Any back-story or attempt to turn this random hodgepodge into something that makes sense will be enjoyed, but it won't count as a part of the final entry.

    Remember to adhere to the contest rules, plus create a thread for your entry (WIPs welcome), and if you have any questions please post them in this thread. Good luck!

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