I just spent all evening working on a commission. I was finally becoming really happy with how it was going and had probably spent a solid not moving from my seat 3 hours when Gimp crashed. As the error messages bonked onto the screen I began to try to remember when I had last saved...

*pause for a couple deep breaths so I don't type any curse words*

Ah, I hadn't saved at all.... *pause again*

The end of the story is that I just went to the kitchen and made myself a stiff drink and now I think I'll go kill a pile of aliens or something to slough off some aggression. I am mad and depressed at the same time.

The worst part was I was just doing that one last thing before I closed out for the night nice and satisfied. AHHHHHGGGGG!!!!!

Don't forget to save, how many times do I have to say it to myself?! I want to kick something.