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Thread: Many Greetings From Kentucky

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    Post Many Greetings From Kentucky

    Hi Everyone!

    I am new to CC3 and map making in general. My name is Todd, but for all computer purposes I go by the name Ifinx. I am working on a novel and plan to use CC3 to create the maps for the various worlds, cities, and maybe even characters. I might do more, but I am not completely sure yet.

    I am a CAD drafter here in the real world, but I have noticed that even though I have experience in AutoCad I have noticed CC3's Fast Cad Software is a lot different on so many different levels, and yet quiet the same. I also do a bit of writing, drawing, and computer repair.

    Thanks Everyone! And Happy Map Making!

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    Welcome to the board

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    Welcome to the guild! I use CC3 myself, mostly for cities. It is a great program if you remember to save often
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    Welcome Aboard!
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