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    Wip World Creation WIP: Etarek

    After spending a few months playing with map-making tools, I think it's finally time I started a big project.

    I want to create a world with a high technology level called Etarek. I will be using Fractal Terrains, Wilbur, Illustrator and Photoshop to flesh the world out and eventually I aim to have a fully-developed collection of regional maps covering the globe.

    I want to make this world realistic. I know there a lot of people here who are knowledgeable in geology and climates, so I will certainly be taking influences from them.

    I'd love my world map to end up looking like this:
    Israh by a2area

    And my regional projections to end up looking like this:
    Torentine Empire by a2area

    But first things first. I want to build my planet up systematically.

    Starting out playing with Fractal Terrains has given me this map. I've plotted some proposed tectonic plates onto it.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Tectonics 1.jpg 
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    Any feedback or criticism is very welcome.
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