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    Wip Thaalmyn-Duhr : The Re-load

    As some of you might know by now, I suffered a major computer crash recently. Sadly, I lost retarded amounts of data even as I was trying to create back-ups for that data. The Thaalmyn-Duhr project I was working on, unfortunately, was one of those data files I lost irrevocably as far as the actual maps went. Fortunately, however, I had enough forethought to hand-record the world generation parameters used for this world in FTPro, and that has allowed me to start anew on this project.

    Obviously there will be some changes, but I see that as a good thing since there were little bits and pieces of the world I wasnít particularly happy with. Additionally, I wanted to narrow my focus to a particular region of the world and really concentrate on developing it as fully as possible

    Thus, I present Thaalmyn-Duhr : The Re-load

    For the most part, Iíve been following the same initial process as before, starting with fairly small land masses (based on the original world parameters) and slowly building up the continental shelves until I had room for one major continental mass, a few smaller continental masses and some areas that would work well as island chains. At this point, Iím pretty well set as far as the western portion of the map goes. Iíve got, probably, a couple more hours of shelf/sea editing to do in the eastern portion of the map, and then Iíll set about building up the actual land masses.

    The area depicted is roughly 4000 miles east to west and 2100 miles north to south. Itís not quite a 2:1 ratio, but I believe it will work well with what I have in mind when I make the transition from FTPro to Terragen via Wilbur. Before the crash, I worked out a way to import non-square height fields into Terragen that leaves all sorts of room for map keys and/or legends, borders, and other details that can be added in as part of the rendering process or as part of the post-render editing.

    In any event, here is the first ďre-loadedĒ WIP. As always, thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome.


    Edit : Included a larger version of the original attachment. I keep forgetting that, along with the new system set-up, I got a larger monitor as well.
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