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Thread: Fractal Terrains Pro Installation and Configuration

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    Help Fractal Terrains Pro Installation and Configuration

    Hello Hive Mind. I am a new user of ProFantasy progrmans and a new enthusiastic in mapping. I bought CC# and some add-ons and get they runnig with no problems, but I am having some problems with Fractal Terrains Pro. Where do I put the "Terrain Data" folder that is avaiable to download togheter with the programs? The "Terraformer Package v0.50" is also a little problem but at least it comes with a pdf that explain things. In this regard (Terraformer) the only thing that I have to do is copy the archives inside the folder "T050_Lgt" to the folder "oloring" on FT right? All the rest I can let in the folder of Terraformer and navigate to is as needed right?

    I see in the manual that I can "Click the Advanced button and select Metric Units if you would prefer to use meters, kilometers and degrees Celcius" but in my program there is no "advanced button"....

    My version is already 2.3

    Thanks in advance


    Edit: I also cant find whre I can chenge climate... Oh God... Am I reading the right manual? =)
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