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Thread: Fractal Terrains Pro Map Projection and Atlas

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    Question Fractal Terrains Pro Map Projection and Atlas

    This is my last thread before begin to post real maps. I have decided that I will do my world map in FT Pro but I want to put the details using CC3. My questions:

    1) What is the best projetion and view if I want to break the map and import it to CC3 to fill details? I am inclined in using altitude vie to all and the others only in global scale. The spin projection I will use only for reference and the Equirectangular for export fractions (multiple files) using the Europe Expot (in altitude view) to fill details in CC3 as it is clean and dont loose too much detail. Opinions?

    2) Where do I stop in FT Pro? I really dont know yet how much detail I can put there (roads, borders, cities, fields, forests...) but I am thinking in only putting terrain and altitude on it and fill all the rest (includind lakes and rivers) on CC3. But I see that putting rivers and lakes in FT and THEN export to CC3 may be a better solution. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance


    Edit: Someone know if there is a way that I can import a map from FTPro to CC# without the hole thing being trapped in the "Commom" sheet?
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