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Thread: Idea for Hex-based Wilderness Map Geomorphs

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    Wip Idea for Hex-based Wilderness Map Geomorphs

    After spending a little time working on some underground dungeon geomorphs, I thought I might have a go at some Wilderness Geomorphs. These are abit inspired by the old boardgame "Mighty Empires" which I think was published by games workshop (??) Anyway, while this is a total work in progress, I was wondering if anyone else had done anything like this ( hexagonal geomorphs that is.)

    hope you enjoy, let me know what you think.
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    Note: each individual small hex is a geomorph, they are grouped based on similarity. the idea is that these could be rearranged to create all sort of different maps ( once the set is completed. ) Hopefully everybody is familiar with the geomorph concept. : )

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    Have a good search over the whole guild for hex maps. I have a keyword lookup in my sig and I think hex is in there too. Only recently I did a little demo of terrain based hex tiles for some paintball organizer.

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    I remember playing Mighty Empires. I loved the way the map generation worked.. the group of friends I played with were awesome and I remember some surprisingly realistic looking layouts.

    My finished maps
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    looks good, nice colors
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    I used to have Mighty Empires too. I thought the geomorphs it had worked really well (although the cardstock was a little thin - Avalon Hill just spoiled us when it came production quality) and we loved the little models. The rules left a lot to be desired and we were always trying for a long time to write a set of house rules but (as always) never finished them.

    I really like what you have done...making good looking connecting mountain geos is going to be a toughie though.

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    Yep, Mountains are going to be difficult. I am going to focus my efforts on just a few mountain tiles over the next few days... will post updates when I have something more to show...

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    ok, here's an update. tried to really focus on mountains and hills this time. ( and even experimented a bit with swamps. ) The mountains were tough to do, and this is still not a bit of a rough draft. But after numerous experiments and attempts at creating mountains these are the first ones I ma starting to be happy with. Any comments are welcome, particularly in regards to the mountains, hills and swamp hexes.
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    Very nice. Why don't you show us a composition? That would help in judging how the hexes all work together.

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    I would love to. but i simply have not finished that many of the geomorph hexes yet. If you take a look at the first attachment image I posted, you will see 5 sets of coastline geomorphs. each set has 6 hexes. so to start to make a composition I would need at least 15 geomorphs for a partial group and 30 geomorphs for a complete group. so if coastlines are one group and mountains are another, ( and swamps, grasslands, forests, and hills, etc.) That's something like 6 groups. so 6 (groups) x 15 (hexes) would be 90 geomorphs to create just for a partial list of all the geomorphs. That is a lot more work I have yet to put into this, so it will take a while to get there. Hope all that makes sense. I was simply trying to make one or two geomorphs for each group just to get a rough idea of how it all might work. let me know if my explanation did not make any sense.

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