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Thread: Looking for encounter maps for iPad game prototyping

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    Default Looking for encounter maps for iPad game prototyping

    Hi folks.

    First off, forgive me if this isn't the proper forum to post this sort of request.

    I'm looking for [EDIT] finished / OR UNFINISHED[EDIT] encounter maps of ANY KIND OR QUALITY for an iPad app I'm working on in my spare time. I'm hoping folks would be nice enough to let me borrow a few for prototyping only (I'm not gonna fly off with them and slap an app on the Apple Store or redistribute them in any way!!!) a simple physics engine and basic AI interaction. Matter of fact, I've already got the physics editor and simple seeking-AI in place and working fine. I just haven't had the time (or the skill yet) to slap many together using CC3 and DD.

    Here's what I currently do to flesh out a finished map:

    I wanted to put it through it's paces with other folk's maps in order to identify unforeseen issues on a variety of different map types.

    Sure, I could just troll through the forums here and snatch a bunch on my own, but that's not very cool to do plus I wanted to show folks what their maps looked like when brought to life in a simple iPad app.

    The app itself is not meant as a VTT, rather, a simple "casual-esque" (rad, a new word?!) single engagement, quick resolution battle here and there.

    I'll take whatever folks can spare, and I appreciate anyone's help in advance!

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