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Thread: For those of you interested in Heraldry...

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    Default For those of you interested in Heraldry...

    I found this not too long ago and it's been an excellent resource for me! Whether I'm actually designing my own heraldry for a character, organization, kingdom, etc, or simply need to steal one of the anonymous ones really quickly for something to show my players because they asked!

    EDIT - Clicking "The Herald" link at the top takes you to the design page. Clicking "The Lists" takes you to a list of all the recently designed heraldry, some of them named by their creators, many of them anonymous.

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    You're welcome. :-)

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    What are the restrictions? And awesome btw.

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    Excellent find, thanks for sharing

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    This is a fantastic resource! Thank you very much for posting it!

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    Nice, thanks for sharing

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    Great find, and thanks for posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eViLe_eAgLe View Post
    What are the restrictions? And awesome btw.
    From the site's FAQ:
    What are the terms of usage?

    This image generator for heraldic shields and coat of arms is free for non commercial use. You may generate as many and as different designs as you choose and use for your own homepage, rpg campaigns, world building projects. Whatever. The creations from this are free to be used in the non commercial domain. Praise and credit by linking back to this page will obviously be appreciated but is not mandatory.

    Each generated picture will be stored on this site and is displayed in the lists so you may come back later to redownload your creations or see what others have created in the meantime. By using this tool you agree that you are okay with this
    No provisions are made for commercial use as far as I saw. You'd have to negotiate terms directly with the creator. It is implicit that retains ownership of the images, although depending on where the component images came from, that might not be so clear. From the looks of it, and the limited selection of components, I'd say that he's creating the imagery himself, so the entire generated image is almost certainly his property.

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    This is excellent. I've been looking for something like this

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