Hi All, my name is Marc Morrell, and I'm a graphic artist and illustrator who enjoys writing, gaming and world building. Updates on my current projects can be found at Terrok.com/letters/ or through twitter: @MarcTMorrell and @TerrokNews. As you'll see by my background image on my twitter pages, I enjoy mapmaking as well.

I've been hand drawing adventure maps, world maps and fantasy city maps since I was 10. You might say it's where I developed my aptitude as a designer. Originally they were in pencil on white paper, but over time they grew very complex, given my age and amateur implements; my favorite was in three letter-sized-paper parts, outlined in ink, colored with markers, and embellished with two layers of transparency overlay stapled to one edge to show political boundaries. I even had a version, enlarged and redrawn at 400% by hand on a huge piece of poster board. By the time I bought my first computer I had quite a stack of them; the beginnings of the World of Terrok fantasy setting that I now use as a base for my fiction writings and illustration.

I'll upload some of the more computerized versions of Western Terrok when I have time, and after I'm comfortable posting here. I'm not a cartographer—yet—but have been very inspired by what I've seen here to try some more beautiful versions. (formerly my maps were merely to record details of topography/geography/politics... imagine that!)

In the mean time, thank you for offering your great resources to the public!