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Thread: In need of simple pirate town for D&D campaign

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    Map In need of simple pirate town for D&D campaign

    Hey mapmakers,

    This is the third time I am here, asking for a map for my D&D campaign and I have to say that both so far made maps ( and ) were AWESOME and are in good use as far as D&D goes.

    Again, I would ask if someone could put together a simple black-and-white, not complex, easy-to-edit-in-Paint map of a coastal town with four properties:
    - it is located on the edge of a swamp/built on a swamp/something like that, but swamp bortders the sea
    - has port/place to "park" your ship
    - it is small. A few taverns, a warehouse, some shops maybe - anything a pirate den (maybe something like Tortuga in Pirates of Carribean) needs. Which is not much except rum and women
    - swamp is on western part of the map, sea lies east of it

    Name of town is Gatiska.

    Large and simple map is welcome.

    Copyright - Well, It is a map for a d&d campaign. If author wants, his/her name/handle can be on the map, along with perhaps his online site, but I have no intention to use it for commercial means.

    BTW my campaign wiki is here:

    And here is my raw as it gets concept of Gatiska (just so it is known where sea and coast are):

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As long as sea stays on the east side, I will be happy with map. Anyone interested in making this map may re-shape it any way he likes. Go wild, I'll love it.

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    Default A bit of update for inspiration ...

    Gatiska, City

    Gatiska is a small Pirate city ruled by great black dragon Dagon the Searuler. Dagon is mostly away from Gatiska and a small group of dragonborns and several tribes of kobolds rule the small town, consisting mainly of waterfronts, market, warehouse, a few shops, small temples and whorehouses. All sorts of ships are moored in Gatiska, mostly fishing ships, small amount of merchant ships and some ships of people exploring the unknown East.

    It is public knowledge for Gatiska to be a pirate den (law-enforcement is almost non-existent here), especially due to lots of good cleric and paladin-investigations ending fruitlessly in this small coastal settlement. Still, the creatures on the run may be dead. Huge swamps around Gatiska are filled with skaven, nezumi and kenkus.
    The first are rat people, numerous, fierce in combat and contagious. It took population of Gatiska some serious efforts, all the dirty tricks pirates, rogues and dark arcanist know, to keep contagious swarms of skaven at bay during the years and deeper swamps are still considered a deathtrap.
    That is, without elite guides in form of nezumi, good, or, some say, opportunist rat-people who often lead land-based caravans and explorers from the south into the swamps or further north, toward the human or dwarven kingdoms.
    Kenku are crow people and do not care one way or the other.
    There is no law in Gatiska, but a few simple rules apply. Sticking its nose into others’ business, may get one dead fast in Gatiska, black dragons port.

    Best poisons and hallucinogens may be acquired here.

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    Ravells, you rock. There is already a mapmaking guild with your name in a previous city you made for me and I guess, a similar tribute will fit here also. Thanks a lot, map will do perfectly.

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