Hey mapmakers,

This is the third time I am here, asking for a map for my D&D campaign and I have to say that both so far made maps ( http://www.cartographersguild.com/sh...n-coastal-city and http://www.cartographersguild.com/sh...he-baren-south ) were AWESOME and are in good use as far as D&D goes.

Again, I would ask if someone could put together a simple black-and-white, not complex, easy-to-edit-in-Paint map of a coastal town with four properties:
- it is located on the edge of a swamp/built on a swamp/something like that, but swamp bortders the sea
- has port/place to "park" your ship
- it is small. A few taverns, a warehouse, some shops maybe - anything a pirate den (maybe something like Tortuga in Pirates of Carribean) needs. Which is not much except rum and women
- swamp is on western part of the map, sea lies east of it

Name of town is Gatiska.

Large and simple map is welcome.

Copyright - Well, It is a map for a d&d campaign. If author wants, his/her name/handle can be on the map, along with perhaps his online site, but I have no intention to use it for commercial means.

BTW my campaign wiki is here: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/nox-arcana

And here is my raw as it gets concept of Gatiska (just so it is known where sea and coast are):

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As long as sea stays on the east side, I will be happy with map. Anyone interested in making this map may re-shape it any way he likes. Go wild, I'll love it.