This is a work in progress of mine that will be the setting for my campaigns for some time, as there is a great deal of background and detail information that I have already created for it. I will be starting a campaign in this world in about 2 or 3 weeks actually.

I intend to make several variations of this map. Most likely it will end up with geographic, political, and some mixture of the two versions. That said, it is most certainly a WORK IN PROGRESS, and any constructive criticism would be welcomed. :-) For those who are curious, it is 4000x2200 pixels. It is intended to cover a continental landmass roughly equivalent to the distance from Portugal to the Ural Mountains from west to east, and from the lower tip of Scandinavia to North Africa from north to south.

Actually, I would like a few pointers on fixing up my oceans/lakes. I need to make them look more "alive".
I would also like to hear suggestions on fixing the snow-covered islands in the north. They need some detail attention because right now they just look like I got lazy and didn't want to texture them. Hahaha

Just about the only thing I won't consider if suggested is removing or adding countries. Those are pretty much set in stone. Tinkering with them now would mess up too much background information that I've already gotten attached to.

Here is what I have so far! :-) Both are works in progress.

The geographic map of Outremer.
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The geopolitical map of Outremer.
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