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Thread: [REQUEST] A Map for a Fantasy Novel: Map of the Shattered Realms of Lorthorion

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    Post [REQUEST] A Map for a Fantasy Novel: Map of the Shattered Realms of Lorthorion

    Greetings one and all.

    This is my first post on this great forum, I stumbled upon it after looking for experienced advice after becoming ever so frustrated with the application, CC3; to which has been banished to the bowls of my CD Rack. I sat and stared in awe at the cartographic artwork people have uploaded to this site, the visual aspects are simply stunning, some people real do have the gift for creating maps of rich quality.

    Anyway, would anyone like to create my Map, 'The Shattered Realms of Lorthorion' for my Fantasy Novel? I hope to hold a discussion if you desire to create the Fantasy Map, where we can discuss a price range too. The Map itself is separated into three continents: the Holy Realm of Morusia to the north, the largest of the Realms. The Shadow Realm of Intrusia, the smallest and most narrow of the three, and the Sun Realm of Solterra to the south.

    The rough drawing of the Map of the Shattered Realms of Lorthorion is attached to the post.
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    Hi CrystalSphere, I might be interested in helping - you can reach me at
    When you get to 5 posts you open up for people to be able to PM (privat message) you
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    Ah, many thanks.

    I will try and contact you or anyone else as soon as I can, friend.
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    You can email him on the post address above but PM is for the boards internal messaging.

    Soooo whats the weather like where you are (for one more post closer to the 5 limit....) ?

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    Oh, just the usual weather of Manchester; drenched in the strongest of sun, with tropical like humidity... and 'some' rain.

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    Well, at least the U smoked Chelsea.
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    ooh, this is gonna be pretty. I like the initial sketch, opens lots of possibilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
    Well, at least the U smoked Chelsea.
    Aye ;-)

    <3 the Torres Miss. There was more cheers in the crowd for that then any of the goals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyotemax View Post
    ooh, this is gonna be pretty. I like the initial sketch, opens lots of possibilities.
    Ah, many thanks

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    Yay, 5 Posts. If anyone is interested, please PM me.

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