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Thread: My own custom world generating heightmap software

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    Wip My own custom world generating heightmap software

    For my own enjoyment, I've been writing a piece of software to procedurally generate worlds.

    The features so far:
    Very loosely simulates tectonic faults
    Generates fractal terrain (diamond square algorithm) that combines with the faults
    Generates random island/continents (fractal radius)
    Loosely Simulates river erosion (still needs improvement)
    Simulates climate (based on latitude, earth-type prevailing winds, altitude, humidity, and proximity to ocean)

    The project is written entirely from scratch in VB6 (no plugins, libraries, etc). It hasn't been optimized at all yet, so it takes a couple of minutes to run through the whole generation process. I have been very inspired by the Shamus Young's Terrain and Project Frontier blog entries (

    My wishlist
    3D viewing (I have no experience with 3D programming or textures)
    Zooming (generating a deterministic closeup of a particular region of a world map on the fly)
    Near instantaneous world generation (probably impossible)

    I'd like to hear your input on how the results looks so far, on what would be the most beneficial things to add to the simulation, etc.

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