This map is a small part of my larger conworlding project, Etarek. The idea is that the Etar - basically humans in a parallel universe - had a small interstellar empire many years ago (I haven't worked out how long ago yet), but due to a nearby star going supernova they were forced to flee their section of the galaxy and seek refuge on a new world.

They had warning enough of the supernova to build giant ships to ferry people to their new home, but governments couldn't afford the cost and three wealthy organisations provided salvation to the people by building huge colonising ships. The first was a right-wing political organisation that favours the Tahi - a particular race - called the United Tahi Council. They selected their colonists according to their rigid view of what was good for the gene pool. The second was a gigantic interglobal corporation called Toregi Technologies. They did not select their passengers, but the places on their ships were worth so much money that only the wealthy could afford the luxury of escaping vapourisation on their ships. The third organisation is a religious one called the Holy Eraetan Order, who chose their passengers according to their faith in their religious teachings, along with the actions of each planet or nation.

These are the points where the ships landed. After a long journey, only a fraction of the colonial fleet made it to their paradise, so only 16 out of the many dozens of ships made it onto Etarek's surface.

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Any feedback is really helpful. I'm not entirely happy with how professional this map looks, but I am currently working on Etarek's climate, so there will be richer maps coming in the future.