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    Default WiP: USS Singularity, NCC-74855

    Hi all,
    Got some things cleared off of my plate lately and I'm working on a pet project: a GURPS Star Trek campaign. I've decided to attempt deckplans of the PC's ship, the USS Singularity. It's a Nova-class vessel, a small science scout first seen in the Voyager episode Equinox. The deckplans will be based on the ones here but I'm going to be making a few changes to them.

    Edit: BTW, I posted a rough 3D model of the ship in this thread. Don't know if I'll take it further.

    Here's the in-game description of the ship:
    USS Singularity (NCC-74855), Nova-class variant light research cruiser. Constructed: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. Commissioned: April 4, 2375. Assigned: Alpha quadrant (May 5, 2375). Mission: Seek out and investigate various 'subspace tunnelling phenomena' for the development of new trans-warp propulsion technologies as directed by FSC and ASDB. Command crew: Commander Matthew LeBrasseur (Captain), Lt. Commander Tu'pok (First Officer). Current location: Deep Space 9 (May 11, 2375), awaiting new crew transfer.
    The two players will have three characters each: a department head (lieutenant), a junior officer (ensign or lt. JG), and a regular crewman. They'll attempt to follow their mission and get into all kinds of trouble in the vicinity of Cardassian space. I've got to check dates and such but this is set just after the Dominion war so the 'shovelheads' (Cardassians) are in disarray and their space is pretty lawless right now. The Bajorans are getting uppity and maybe there are some rogue factions causing troubles. Plus they PCs will be pushing out beyond known space looking for interesting stuff. Maybe later they'll be testing some new drive technology...and will, just possibly, run afoul of a cosmic loop and get sent somewhere in time and have to deal with that.

    I'm attaching a draft of deck 1, containing mainly the bridge. The SD plans showed quarters for the captain, first officer, another senior officer, and a conference room. I'm moving the conference room and replacing the spare officer's quarters with a ready room. Two reasons: 1) the captain should have a place other than his quarters for private meetings, and 2) who gets the other luxury primo-location suite? There'd be lots of fighting over it, I think! Most everything else is the same though I'm considering whether the transporter really needs two transceivers. I assume that's what SD was intending.

    The map is overlaid with a 1-meter hex grid. GURPS uses yards but meters are close enough for horseshoes and photon torpedos so I'm going to go with that. I'd actually like to go with LCARS style for the final presentation, even though it means losing the cool old-skool font...will look into that. I'd also like to eventually draw out the main areas of the ship as battlemaps at 1 hex = 1". That may be difficult because I don't know where to get hex paper that large. I do have some large paper with 1" squares and that may have to do. I doubt I'm going to do these deckplans so they can be printed at that scale.

    The walls are created by building shapes with the selection tools and then stroking them in black (4px for bulkheads and 10px for hull). The light blue areas are primary 'habitat' space, the light grey are 'walkable' engineering spaces, the dark grey are inaccessible (without some difficulty anyway). I probably won't keep that color scheme, it's just a convenience for now.

    Hope you like it...though there's not much to see yet.
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