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Thread: RP World Map - Please Critique

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    Help RP World Map - Please Critique

    This is my first map ever. Please give me your input. I used chuck's guide... I think.

    I couldn't get the picture into the post, here is the link.

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    Hi there Valcos. My favorite aspects of your map are the sea and the torn parchment borders. As for the land forms, there seem to be allot of rounded corners, which doesn't quite look right to my eyes. I'd suggest spending some time looking at the shape of the Earth's land masses and then working on trying to emulate similar land mass shapes in your own maps. All in all though, pretty good for a first shot!


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    Thanks for the tip. I am having trouble finding images of Earth, at least good ones. Also, I have been going back and redoing the land. I am doing it by using the threshold layer, the one that has all the black that looks like land. Is there an easier way of editing the coast instead of redoing everything?

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    Well there are different methods for generating a coastline, but it sounds like you are using the "Difference Clouds > Paint > Threshold" method, am I right? If so, then, since all of the steps involving coloring and adding texture to a map build on base landshape outline, my guess is that you would probably have to go back to square 1 if you wanted to redo the coast (but again, I'm not really sure what methods you are using for creating this map). So it's up to you whether or not it is worth it.


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    Very nice visually, but the text is a bit of a weak point, I think a more traditional font would be better.
    I am a geology nerd.

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    I find it nice and inspirational to look at google maps, when trying to come up with continent shapes.

    Try some of these fonts
    This cavern is below all, and is the foe of all. It is hatred, without exception. This cavern knows no philosophers; its dagger has never cut a pen. Its blackness has no connection with the sublime blackness of the inkstand. Never have the fingers of night which contract beneath this stifling ceiling, turned the leaves of a book nor unfolded a newspaper.

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    Not nitpicky input: Looks nice! The landmass colors look pleasant and are convincing. And I like the look of the ragged edges and folds.

    Somewhat nitpicky input: I agree with Cantab. The sanserif font is a bit too modern for a map that has an old worn look. An eroded serif font like might suit the old look of your map.

    Too nitpicky input: I wonder why the edges of your map are black? If it's worn parchment a brownish color would be more suitable? And I want to know what are the names of places without labels? I want to know!

    Otherwise, as long as you are having fun making it that's all that matters.

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    Thank you everyone for your input!

    I will be trying to improve the map and show updated pictures. And. Yes, I am using the "Difference Clouds > Paint > Threshold" method to build the landmass. If there is a more flexible method, I'd rather use that one. I am going to be making a ton of mistakes and would like an easier way to edit my creation. xD

    Lol... The other places are still without names. It is a map for an RP and we have yet to touch upon those places yet. In due time though.

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