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Thread: Web-quality map for fictional nation project

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    Map Web-quality map for fictional nation project

    Calling it a project might be a bit of an overstatement, but only because it's something I've been doing since I was a kid. I actually bought Fractal Terrains some years ago (which is why I originally registered here) to create a map, but my skills are not anywhere near where they'd need to be.

    So I'm calling for the pros. I used SimCity 4 to make a rough map of my country called the Confederacy of Neloxia. It's envisioned as a first-world nation that's now spread out onto two maps. I've reached as far as I can go though and would like a real visual of the nation and the autonomous region that borders it - Laurinca. I've taken this project so far that I bought a domain for it and have created a multi-tiered database in Football Manager depicting the country's football pyramid.

    What I'd like is a web-based map (aka, one that shows all of the cities and major roadways) depicting the country. In a real world map, it spans from Friuli-Venezia province (Italy) through Slovenia and encompasses the Croatian island of Krk, but that's only to illustrate how big it is in real-life, not a constraint of how you ought to design it (though if that makes it easier to make a map, then please by all means do so.) The total land area of that is about 10,500 sq. miles or so.

    I'm copying this from the post offered as a trial since it works for what I need: I'd want the right to freely distribute the image physically and electronically. I'd want the right, or option to purchase the right, to use the image commercially. I'd want exclusive commercial right to it's usage, but the artist would retain the right to display or sell it as a work of art. I'd retain the right to reproduce the image in full, or in part, on my own or through a commision with another artist.

    I'd just like a nice quality map that would really bring Neloxia to life better than I can in SimCity. Timeframe isn't super important, I'm more interested in seeing progress...but it'd obviously be nice to get it before the end of the year, 2011.

    To give you more ideas of the detail of the country, here are some detail maps from SC4 that I made in Photoshop from screenshots, the northern (and Laurinca) aren't shown as they've improved substantially since I took these earlier this year.

    NW Neloxia
    Southern Neloxia
    Marisa Capital Area (which will be renamed for our new map)

    So if you're interested, please drop me a note at activedialogue [at] or reply on this thread and I'll get in touch.

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    Can you explain a little more what sort of details you want on this map? Just major roads and cities? Or mountains, forests, farmland etc. also?

    Also are you saying that the underlying geography should be the same as the north end of the Adriatic, or maybe just similar, or does it need to match at all?

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    Also are you saying that the underlying geography should be the same as the north end of the Adriatic, or maybe just similar, or does it need to match at all?
    It doesn't have to match at all. I was just trying to provide a real world place to give a sense of the scale of the country. It certainly doesn't match how I've drawn up the maps in SimCity.

    Basically something along these lines. Just major roads and cities pretty much.

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    what style of map are you looking for - something like the iso look in the first post - or something like a basic modern map above - or something else?
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    I thought I replied with a link, but I must've gotten distracted and forgot. This guy's map is what made me realize there was even a forum here for mapmaking requests, even though I've been lurking here for years. Anyway...something of that vein would my ideal perhaps with necessarily all of the the detail (mostly because I don't have the names to every mountain range (or even know where they are) or so forth.

    So a basic modern map would probably be a good starting point and then we can expand on it down the road (yay money) or not. I'm sort of open to the possibilities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Cloud View Post
    I thought I replied with a link, but I must've gotten distracted and forgot.
    Sorry - it was caught in the moderation queue. I've deleted it as it is effectively a duplicate.

    -Rob A>

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    Dark Cloud, if you're after a modern map, I could do it for you. Drop me a PM if you like to take it further.

    I'm not able to send you a PM probably because I don't have enough posts here. If you could email me at activedialogue [at], that'd be great. Thanks.

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    Ok, great.

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