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Thread: Silver Mountains, quick regional map

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    Map Silver Mountains, quick regional map

    Thought I would share this as I haven't posted in a while.

    I created the sketch for the following map a few weekends ago, while running an impromptu RPG game session for some of my friend's kids. The kids were new to RP and really had a blast creating characters, exploring, and generally getting to be awesome in the fantasy setting.

    More recently they were asking their dad when we would play the game again, and if they could have the map, rules, characters, etc. to play on their own and make their own adventures. I picked up the scribbled 'in-game' map and scanned it into Photoshop. ~30 minutes later I sent them a link to the updated map shown below.

    ...right after that they asked how I made it, so I threw together a slideshow of my layer build up (also shown below).

    What do you think...of either item?

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    Wow, I think it looks absolutely, absolutely stunning. The style is great, and the details are perfect. Maybe, just a little bit of more shading on the woods to make them stand out more?

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    Deceptively simple but with great artistic qualities. Love it.
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    Nicely done..
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    Ramah: I get that you are probably referring to the style being simple. But it is simple in other ways too: Normally I spend way too much time on things like this, but I forced myself to just draw it without a lot of erasing and reworking in an attempt to make it perfect. As I said, it was probably ~30 minutes of draw time. (Not including scanning, posting, making the slideshow.) At that rate I can actually do a lot of these.

    ...The adventurers have stated that their intent is to travel over to explore the abandoned mines in the east, based on some rumors they found last time. May have to do up some underground mine encounter maps for that session...If I can force myself to stick to quick line drawings vs. 'production' prints it may be achievable before next game.

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    I second Ramah's comment! Very cool.
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    Very pretty - and I totally agree on the time spent. 30 mins is fantastic for that level of detail! Lovely work.

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    Sketchy for the win. Very nice.
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