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Thread: World Map for Fantasy Comic Book

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    Default World Map for Fantasy Comic Book

    In the process of completing the first issue of a Fantasy Comic Book to be pitched/self-published. Only physical location revealed so far has been a city, so the world map is wide open.

    Wasn't initially going to reveal the world until after a few issues, but I need a reference for myself. I have no map making skills (trust me I've tried) and have a few basic terrains that are required, but the look and feels is wide open.

    If anyone is willing to create a world from the ground up, please contact me. Published credit for the map and possible cash or prize to be determined are options. I have a bunch of computer equiptment (Brand new Intel i7 CPU, HP Touchpad, etc.) which could be worked out for payment.

    Again, this is a Sword and Sorcery world.

    Let me know!

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    Sounds interesting. When do you need the map? What style are you looking for? Any additional info you can give will help the folks here decide if they can help out.

    I was planning on stepping back from commissions for a bit but might be interested if your deadline works for me.

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    No huge hurry. End of the year sound ok to you?

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    What art style? old and wrinkled, on parchment? colorful, on paper? hand drawn, modern, thousands of years old?
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    Color. I can be digital and printed out if need be. I will see if I can post some links to some examples in a day or two.

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    Sounds interesting. Examples would be good, yes.

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    I need upgrades bad, LOL...waiting to see more details as for the style you are after.
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    sounds interesting - a good advice would be to post 2 more times, that way you open up for people to PM (privat message) you
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    I would suggest reading thru the 'sticky' at the top of this forum and provide as much of the information there as possible.
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    Now this sounds like an interesting request! You can take a look at my gallery right here and I have more samples available upon request.

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