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    Hello alll, just thought I would say Hi. I just purchased my first mapping program ever last night, CC3, and although its easy to learn the basics, I soon found myself looking for help on more advanced topics.

    So, here I am, hoping to get help without getting flamed for being a noob
    I will post in the proper sections for help, and eventually I hope to be able to help others.


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    You will never ever be flamed here, Dezzmond!!! In fact, noobs are some of our favorite peopleseses! Welcome--and I hope you stay long enough and post enough so as to quickly lose that "noob" peach fuzz in favor of "old salt"!

    Make sure to post those CC questions in the forums, plus your test run maps and everything else. We have so many talented CC users here, and all are outstandingly helpful!

    Welcome! Glad you found us.
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    'Lo Dezzmond.

    Remember , there's no noobs like good noobs!

    (Well that certainly makes little sense.. must be a tad sleep deprived...)

    Anyhow, post away. Lots of good CC users here.

    -Rob A>

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    Welcome to the guild.
    I'm pretty new to mapping as well, and also use CC3. So far this has been a great site, and has also led me to lots of other interesting resources.

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    Welcome to the group. If you have any questions about CC3, ask away. Myself or Jaerdaph will be glad to help, and if we don;t know the answers, we will learn together!

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    Any questions on CC3? Post them with CC3 in the Subject Line!
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    Dezzmond - It seems to me that you've not spent much time here yet, which is quite alright, but you'll quickly come to realize that we're a friendly bunch who loves everyone who shares our love of cartography.


    I hope that you enjoy your time here as much as I have.

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