This is my first real post, so be gentle.

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This is a very very rough sketch I did a few years ago (hence the different name spelling) of a city for a story I'm working on. The short version: After a plague, the world's self-proclaimed greatest thinkers designed a city that could be self-sufficient in case of any future disasters. It is separated from the rest of the world in a large lake and has only one waterway leading in from the outer circle. There are three rings: outer - farmlands and rural villas; mid - main city; inner - universities and political buildings. I was inspired by the description of Atlantis with its rings of sea and land.

This was constructed as part of a Renaissance-like movement, so the inhabitants speak Latin and try (a little too hard) to emulate a long-gone pre-plague empire. My hand wave for it being impractical to construct (even out of a pre-existing island) is that they have limited magic. So there.

I'd like to create an aerial map of the streets and a cross section side view of the ring system. I have GIMP and Inkscape (though I've yet to use Inkscape) and am open to trying other programs. Does anyone have any suggestions for this newb? Radial streets/canals would essential for the overhead view. I'll probably wait to try the cross section.