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Thread: Drakthos Island - Craze

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    Map Drakthos Island - Craze

    So this is my second post here on the forums and I am now into my second season of the campaign I am doing and we have moved to a new land. I am about a month away before it begins but I have finished the entire story and history of this land and now the map must be made. This is about three days work so far so I am looking for an critique or advice you guys can give.

    This forum has been a great source of inspiration and help in the past so I am hoping for the same this time!

    Enjoy, Drakthos the Island of the long horn.

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    I think the Titlefont dont match, becouse its to 60' somehow, and the line thickness of the Icons and some Mountains dont match with the more fineline Forest Icons. It is a collage of very different sources so I would only surgest to level the different lineworks with each other out. so you will get a more coherent look.And try some more old looking or fantasy fonts, it could create more atmossphere. perhaps and handwriting font would do better, with the sketchy Mapstyle

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    I like the basic outline, and the colour scheme is quite nice. The sketch approach is also well done... at least in parts. You should strive to keep a consistent style. I guess you used brushes a lot?

    Also you went a little overboard with the river going down to Arakan Keep... it doesn't really originate in the opposite sea, does it?

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    Try using some of the tips in this thread to help weather the text. Old Paper and Faded Text
    This cavern is below all, and is the foe of all. It is hatred, without exception. This cavern knows no philosophers; its dagger has never cut a pen. Its blackness has no connection with the sublime blackness of the inkstand. Never have the fingers of night which contract beneath this stifling ceiling, turned the leaves of a book nor unfolded a newspaper.

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    I really like the outline. The overall style looks good; but like the others said it'd probably work better if you limit yourself to a couple of brushes. Too many different trees, mountains, etc make it a bit messy.

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    Thanks guys! I applied most of the finalized changes and would you know it at the last week they changed the campaign and story on me... --_-- well back to the drawing table for another outline! I am going to take all this and apply it to the new map! I will post the draft of it on here soon so I can make the changes based on your opinions! Thanks again guys much respect!

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