I'm about to publish my second novel and I'm looking for a print quality, professional looking map akin to what you'd see in a George R.R. Martin novel, in the sort of style you'd see here:


Estimated print size will be in the neighborhood of 850 x 600 pixels or 8.5" x 5.5". I love the look of pen and paper mapmaking done electronically.

I have a rough sketch that I am ashamed to post, but that can serve as guide to the geography of the world in question, complete with cities, rivers, etc. I just need a skilled cartographer to make it look good. I need it in about a week, give or take a few days. Faster would be better. It's a black and white project, because it's going into my second novel. Credit will be given to the mapmaker in the acknowledgments, but the world's design, city names, etc are already copyrighted to me, so I'll need the copyright to the map as well.

If I'm pleased with the work, I have more that will need to be done as time goes by - my world is expanding, and I'm on book 2 of a biiig series. Will need some city maps in the future, as well as additional continents. Hope this post fits the criteria, because this is obviously my first attempt at hiring a mapmaker. Thanks for the attention!

Robert J. Crane