So I decided to use one of our Con adventure one-shots as a free download for a Halloween promotion.

I created the cover art using Xara Xtreme using a painterly style, though this is vector art. I used 3 photos for reference: a snowy mountain valley, a temple, and a samurai view from the back. I thought it turned out well. Since it's a give-away product, I didn't want to have to pay a real artist for a cover illustration. I'll be using reusing lots of existing Kaidan art, some public domain stuff, and perhaps one or two other pieces of mine. It already has a map.

Probably in the next week or so I will release this free product - hopefully sooner for the Halloween season. I'll post in the News forum when it is ready.

Oh and there is an error on the titling - its supposed to be for a 5th level adventure, not 3rd.

This is only a low res file, will export hi res when the product is ready.


Click image for larger version. 

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