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    Default USS Singularity, NCC-74855

    If there was any doubt that I'm a geek, let this post dispel it now and for all time.

    These are deckplans for the PC's ship in an upcoming Star Trek (TNG-era) GURPS game I plan to run. They're large files (even at 50% as I'm posting here) and there are several of them so I'll put them up in successive posts (I know there's some kind of limit). If you're interested, the WiP thread is here. Thanks to Tilt for sticking with me while I worked on these. Wish you could join us!

    The players will each have three characters of varying point values (power, in GURPS), ranging from heroic to above average. They'll play officers and crew on a small research vessel (same class as the Equinox from the ST: Voyager episode of the same name) seeking out and investigating "subspace tunnelling phenomena" in the Alpha Quadrant. They'll start out on DS9 with their first mission to re-examine the "subspace compression anomaly" previously entered by DS9 crew but not fully explored due to the demands of the war with the Dominion.

    If anyone (besides Tilt!) is interested, I may post additional details (and game progress once we get going) in the general thread or blog or something.

    Anyway...these maps were made for fun, copying the basic layout from the 1996 deckplans by Strategic Designs. I made some changes and chose to present them in (semi)LCARS style for use in-game on my iPad (which is the closest thing to a PADD I'll get my hands on for a few years). I'm not really happy with some of my style/design choices but I've done the best I could in a short time - and I've been doing lots of other work on the campaign besides, so I haven't been able to put as much into these as I would have liked.

    Have to move on now...but I will take any suggestions for improvements under advisement! Hope you like them!

    Decks 1-5 attached. Just noticed a problem with the others so I'll stop here for now and post those later...most of the good stuff happens above deck 6 anyway!
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