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    Post Apologies to All

    I am still getting used to this Moderators thing, and I have an extra button called 'EDIT' right next to the 'QUOTE' button, so half the time when replying I am accidently clicking EDIT instead of QUOTE. as a result, a lot of people's messages MAY show a Edited by NeonKnight. It is not me changing your messgae, just me clicking the wrong button, and then wondering where my message is (I'm In Ur Bases )

    So, sorry for any confusions I may inadvertantly have caused people...Sorry
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    Wait until the wrath of Arcana comes down on you like a freight train for messing up peoples posts!

    just kidding.
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    It figures. You make a man a moderator and he goes and ruins everything.

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    Geesh, they'll let any yahoo moderate won't they?? ... j/k I've moderated on several and admin a board on ezboards, you'll get the functions down soon enough... besides.. you have mod status, you shouldn't have to apologize, your word is law now ... heh

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    Hee hee - at least there's no BANHAMMER button for you to accidentally click.
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