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Thread: Turning Maps into Globes in GIMP

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    Tutorial Turning Maps into Globes in GIMP

    While working on my World Map of Eriond a while back I discovered that the GIMP "Map Object" feature was a nifty tool for turning a two dimensional world map into a globe. Since several others here were interested in doing this with their maps as well, I thought I'd post this quick walk through on the process. Hope you enjoy.

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    Checking your stats, Arsheesh it looks like this was right around your join date, so you probably never saw it!

    It's sometimes interesting to dig through the "old stuff" here on the site, I sometimes forget what has already been posted, even!

    -Rob A>

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    One of the reasons I joined Cartographer's Guild was to ask about this specific thing. So glad I found this!

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