Greetings to yo all.

I'm a Dungeon Master and I'm creating a campaign. I'm creating a whole new world, but inside out. Meaning that I start with one location and I start to build from there. Ironically, I work professionally in GIS, but I'm quite useless about making fantasy good looking maps. So, I'm looking for some support.
So far, and for the first map, this would be an Unpaid request, but I wrote [Paid?] for a reason that we'll now see.

My plan is to first get a map of the valley where the action is located, so please please I need somebody for that. And I think such a work required more pleases. Let's see:

please please please please please please please please please please

Maybe now is better. Anyway, for cartographers who also like DMing, maybe this could be of interest. I attached here a description of the environment and the place. And as the adventure goes on, I will email the cartographer after each session with a tale of the events of the game. This way maybe I can provide ideas.

Now, if the adventure develops and it becomes a big campaign, I will need more maps. At that point, I will not keep on assuming good will can cover for that and I will stat paying for the work. It is for private use, so I don't think I can afford lots of money. Anyway, that is still for the future.

For now, please read the attachment and tell me if you feel like making a map of this remote and magical valley.

Thank you all!

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