I've recently been writing a story and drawing maps for an old-school top-down RPG Flash series I want to make, but when I first attempted to recreate the maps using GIMp I learned that I don't have anything like the skill set I think I'd need for such a project. Soooo I'm going to spend a bit of money and get it done better for me. I believe that this project would be rather simple for a more experienced cartographer.


I've never commissioned anything before, so this part is a little new for me. I'd prefer not to spend any more than $50, but this is negotiable.

Time Constraints:

I don't really have any time constraints, as this is a solo project and just something I personally want to do. That having been said, I'd rather not wait for months either... Whatever is reasonable.


The style I'm going for is very simple. I'm looking for a 8 or 16-bit map like one you'd find in SNES games (such as Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior). Here are a few examples:


Description of Map:

The world will consist of two large continents, with many smaller islands. It will be about a third of the size of the earth. In the end, I'd like it labeled with all of the names of the cities and important places (forests, mountains, caves). If interested, I will e-mail scans of my hand-drawn maps.

Quality and Size:

Professional quality please (if there would even be a clear difference on a map like this?). As for size I'm not entirely sure, I just know I'd like a poster of it for my bedroom wall and I need to include it in the game. Large enough that one can clearly read the map's labels.


As with everything else I know nothing about copyrights, but I don't care too much about it in this case either. I suppose I'd like the rights to use the image for commercial purposes but I don't mind if the cartographer uses it in a portfolio.

Thank you very much for reading over this. I am very excited about getting the ball rolling on this. E-mail me at archaides(at)gmail(dot)com for more information on price, pictures of the map I have in mind, or questions about my request. Keep in mind that the price is somewhat negotiable; If its in reason I'll definitely consider it.