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Thread: The Lands and Baronies of the Crown of St. Peter's Castle

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    Map The Lands and Baronies of the Crown of St. Peter's Castle

    Here it is, my little campaign map. I'm just posting the b-w and the "dark" version. The original is about 10,500 x 8,000 pixels and I have no idea as yet where I would post that, since it's hugemungous. I'd really like to thank everyone who commented in the WIP thread, it really helped motivate me to finish it off better than I would have otherwise.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	svetopetrograjska_v5_dark_2000.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	svetopetrograjska_v5_1_bw_2000.jpg 
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    The title changed a bit because of the cartouche, which came after I started. Here is the original WIP thread if you want to see how the map developed (the final b-w is a smidgeon different from the last WIP).

    This is a map of the current region of play of a pretty tongue-in-cheek rpg setting where I play with my friends. Most of the slavic place-names are actually jokes, puns, intentional misspellings, grammatical inconsistencies and so forth. It's actually weird, because this has become our longest running campaign. Here is a link to the sketched map of the "whole" setting: Svet Zelenograjske aka. The World of the Green County. You'll notice the world is itself a slight joke, basically a T-O map with mountains instead of seas, while in the middle you have a mountain called "Tribog", which literaly means "Three God" - another tease on various T-O maps. Anyway, the lands of this map can be found in the far north-east, across the vast steppes, and are a play on the mythical medieval Kingdom of Prester John and one of our players, Peter, who was always late, absent or asleep at our game sessions (i.e. he became mythical for it, so we said he was in some kingdom far away doing things of his own).

    Edit: re-uploaded colour version to try and get the thumbnail to show.
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