Cartographers for Hire;

I am a DM with little time, and I would really like a pair of nice looking autumnal maps for my session next weekend (October 22nd).

Time Constraints

I would need them by this Wednesday at the latest.


I really like some of the maps by Lord ZseZse. For example;

It doesn't have to be quite as nice as that one.

There are two that I want; one is a just an open forest of autumnal oak trees (Cormanthor Forest in the Forgotten Realms) interspersed with some coniferous trees, stones, bushes, and a small creek. Lots of brown and yellow and orange.

The other will be a large camp against a slight cliff face, again in the autumnal forest.

These need to be battle-maps, so a square grid is needed (1 square = 5' x 5')


24" x 36" I want to print these off at staples.

If you are interested and you can get them done IN TIME, email me; Les.Blackwell@g