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    Just found this site after searching and buying some mapping tools (CC3 and FT3) would have been good to find you first and read some reviews although both products seem popular (which hopefully also means good).

    Not to much experience of drawing maps, most that I have done have been some hand drawn (or tablet drawn) line maps which I am fond of. Great to see some of the other ideas, I really never quite envisioned it being this big a hobby

    Hopefully I will have some artwork to post in the coming months and years.

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    Welcome to the guild! The programs you've bought are great, but in my opinion you might get one of the annuals to get the most out of cc3. If you look around you will see a lit of maps made in cc3 on the site.
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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Thanks, it's a pleasure to find I am not the only person that likes to draw maps

    I took the offered advice and picked up an Annual (2010) and the Dungeon Creator, both fun as well. Thanks again.

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    Welcome here and enjoy your time.

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