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Thread: My first local cartography job!

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    Post My first local cartography job!

    I never thought it would happen - a local customer finding my shop and desiring a fantasy map for an miniatures game (they didn't even know about Gamer Printshop, they were just checking out the local graphics shop - me...)

    Anyway, I'm not sure what the game is yet, but I am creating a 36" x 48" printed and laminated map, using a 3 inch wide hex grid, where 1 hex = 50 feet.

    I am creating a WW1 battleground scene for a biplane dog fighting game, that will be used at RockCon (Rockford, Illinois gaming convention).

    Once I complete the map design, I'll upload it here for your perusal. Basically its two trenches one side is allied troops, the other the Germans, in between a "No Man's Land" which is where the fighting occurs over. I'll also include some cloud cover too.

    Give me about a week for this...
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    congrats.... may that be the first of many more!!
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    Link Thanks guys!

    This is actually my second pro map-making gig. Its just my first "local" client for a gaming map - I'm deep in the heart of northern Illinois nowhere, about 90 miles from Chicago and Peoria, smack dab in middle of corn. The likelihood of acquiring local business for maps is pretty slim. Yet the guy came into my shop today for it. I was pretty amazed!

    I created 3 maps for Dog House Rules, LLC's first fantasy mini-adventure called Quick Quests: Eggsellent Opportunity. It wouldn't be right for me to post the maps here as they are intended for use by DHR. But the product is a $5 PDF download if you consider ordering it.

    Visit their news page which talks about the product with link to ordering and a link back to on the same page!

    The map for the Biplane Dog Fighting Game is for a hosted game at Rockcon, by a game master, not a publisher, but its still a paying gig...
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    Cool, Gameprinter! That's awesome. Looking forward to seeing it.
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    I would check your NDA and make sure that it's allowable for you to share the map with us first, but if it is it'd be interesting to see.


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