I never thought it would happen - a local customer finding my shop and desiring a fantasy map for an miniatures game (they didn't even know about Gamer Printshop, they were just checking out the local graphics shop - me...)

Anyway, I'm not sure what the game is yet, but I am creating a 36" x 48" printed and laminated map, using a 3 inch wide hex grid, where 1 hex = 50 feet.

I am creating a WW1 battleground scene for a biplane dog fighting game, that will be used at RockCon (Rockford, Illinois gaming convention).

Once I complete the map design, I'll upload it here for your perusal. Basically its two trenches one side is allied troops, the other the Germans, in between a "No Man's Land" which is where the fighting occurs over. I'll also include some cloud cover too.

Give me about a week for this...