Hello, so I bought campaign cartographer and fractal terrains pro. I have been trying to make a world using fractal terrains with plans to import it into cartographer to add names of places towns cities etc. The problem I am having is that fractal terrains generates maps that fall into one of two categories, either it makes one giant Pangaea continent or tons of little islands. I was more hoping for something with between 4 and 6 main continents with a region like the pacific with numerous island. I have searched online for other world generators with limited success.

What I would really like to find is a program that can
-create a world with the number of continents i specify
-populate resources around the planet (gold, silver, zinc, limestone... etc.)
-generate multiple map types (rainfall, temp, altitude satellite view, etc.)
-generate 3D map (would be great but not a must)
-allow me to add towns cites roads etc. (if it added them to 3D map that would be amazing)

If you know of any programs that would be able to do this please let me know

I have tried using Gimp, and Hero Extant