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    Default List of Name Generators

    I think this thread may be to the top of the page (I don't know the word, lol; importantized?). If someone want to share his knowledge with us and knows a good name generator, well, post it here!

    I was wondering why there was no topic like this in this section. So here I am. I will post more links if mods think this is a good idea. I mean: why not?

    Also remember: yes, we have generators and auto names. But nothing can reach your own names.

    Rinkworks (link)
    This name generator is complete. It has various types (default, short, fantasy, latin etc.) and it has also a template for make your own generator!

    Squid (link)
    Nice one. You can select from a lot of options, or take a fast one in the bottom of the page (select a template). You can take cultural names (afghul, afrika, arabic, norway etc.), places (coastal, cities, geographic) and also names of people.

    Yafnag (link)
    In this one you simply create your own name. Select 'min' and 'max' number of letters and start generating. If you want, you can apply a prefix/suffix to your name.

    Donjon (link)
    I think this one is really useful. You can create almost everything: from fantasy settings names (places and races), to ancient and hystorical names. Slavic and italian names, anyone? Very good, anyway.

    Serendipity (link)
    With this name generator you can choose between places and names. It has generators for cities, towns, places and locations, sites and strongholds. Very interesting.

    Generic Place (link)
    Simple and clean.

    Regency Place (link)
    As above.

    Manon's Garden (link)
    Reload the page for more names.

    Namesmade (link)
    Select a range of names and start generating.

    Ebon (Shareware) (link)
    The Everchanging Book of Names is a shareware very useful. You can download templates and make your custom ones, but as long as you don't pay, you can generate only 5 names (except for the default templates). Price: EUR 10.00, USD 10.00, or GBP 7.00.
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    Ya know, that's a good idea, Gan. I'll talk it over with the CLs about making it a sticky.
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    I also like to use awkword for a generator for a custom language :
    This works more or less like the Rinkworks template generator

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    Langmaker should be on this list. An incredible tool. You'll need an archaic version of Windows to run it however. I keep a Parallels image of XP just for this :-)
    Also, sadly, you'll have a hard time finding it to download these days. Hit me up via PM if you want a copy.

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    This is useful. I knew some of the generators but I did't know rinkworks, which seems really complete to me.

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    I've got a Markovian random name generator here: Markovian random name generator
    My random map generators and GIMP scripts:

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    Very cool thread! I'll have a peek at all the generators. Thanks

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    Tried rinkwork. Got the best dragon name ever. Thanks.

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    I've been using Rinkworks for like... a decade and they're hands-down the best. I can't endorse it enough.

    Also, the rest of their site is quite hilarious. Especially the book-a-minute summaries. Off topic, I know, but one of those little gems of the Internet.
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    Sort of like a wiki of community created generators, not just for names, its great

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