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Thread: [Help]Print out maps on multiple pages along with making teh grids 1" x 1"

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    Default [Help]Print out maps on multiple pages along with making teh grids 1" x 1"

    Disclaimer: I have absolutely no skill when it comes to dealing with images and stuff like that. I've never been able to wrap my head around this type of stuff.
    I've got some map files(For Star Wars SAGA: Dawn of Defiance:

    I'm trying to print it out so that the grid sizes are 1" x 1". Therefore, most maps will span over multiple pages. I've tried to use two programs(Widows 7):
    Photoshop: It seems to load the image sized correctly, however I can't seem to print out spanned over multiple pages.
    GIMP: The image size is loaded scaled down so it will print to a single page.

    Any suggestions? I'm definitely open to trying a different programs. I'm not looking to do any editing on these, just simply print them out.


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    I think some people use Posterazor or acrobat pro to get the autoslizing. Personally I tend to use indesign and cut the image up manually to keep full control of everything.
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    Or you can carve it up into photoshop, to get several files of the right size. But indesign and other desktop publishing progs are probably better suited for what you want to achieve.

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    Posterazor is specifically designed for that task, and it's free open source software available here:
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    MS Publisher has a poster function. I have use it before to create tiled images. Most of the time Publisher comes bundled with MS Office so you should be able to find it.

    To use it, I opened Publisher to a blank poster. Resized the page to the size I want it to be, then added an Image to it (I have used large 5-8 meg sized jpeg and its worked just fine). The tiles will automatically have some overlap, which you can adjust if you want.

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    Hello there. This is something I often deal with when printing my maps. everyone is right that you should use posterazor. Here is the step-by-step:

    --Load the image. Click next.
    --Set this to "custom" (trust me) and choose the actual size of the "tile" you want on each page. If you are printing on regular page size, I'd recommend doing width of 7 and height of 10. Set all 'borders' to zero. Click next.
    --Set "overlapping" to either zero or 1 inch, depending on how much 'wiggle room' you want when cutting it out and placing it together. I always do 'zero' to save ink and am just careful when I cut it out. Click next.
    --Choose "absolute size" and set it to the number of squares in width and height. Set the image alignment to center. Click next.
    --Save the PDF.

    Now, when you want to print it, open the PDF. Click print. Set "Page Scaling" to NONE. Uncheck the "choose paper source by PDF file size." Click okay.

    This should give you precisely sized 7x10 tiles with a little border you need to cut off. Slice 'em up, tape them together, and you've got a perfectly scaled map.

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    You could also try .

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    I use posterazor too. Its dead easy to use and works every time and its free. In fact I can see no other reason why anyone would use anything else...

    There - does that get enough spin on this or should we start to get out the spam hammer.

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