Disclaimer: I have absolutely no skill when it comes to dealing with images and stuff like that. I've never been able to wrap my head around this type of stuff.
I've got some map files(For Star Wars SAGA: Dawn of Defiance: http://dod.swrpgrc.com/index.php?opt...pper&Itemid=46).

I'm trying to print it out so that the grid sizes are 1" x 1". Therefore, most maps will span over multiple pages. I've tried to use two programs(Widows 7):
Photoshop: It seems to load the image sized correctly, however I can't seem to print out spanned over multiple pages.
GIMP: The image size is loaded scaled down so it will print to a single page.

Any suggestions? I'm definitely open to trying a different programs. I'm not looking to do any editing on these, just simply print them out.