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    Hi there. Getting this introductory thingy out of the way. I've had a long-standing interest in map creation, mostly from an RPG context, or a writing context. I have been and will principally be using GIMP for the construction of my maps, as I'm a Linux(Specifically Ubuntu) user. I've already found the tutorials here really useful and I'm looking forward to putting up some examples of my early experiments, as well as learning a broader range of techniques, both for large regional mapping and smaller 'encounter' maps.

    I have to say already I've really enjoyed the vibe of this forum and and it's readily enabled me to learn more things about GIMP in the past couple of weeks than I learned in the past year.

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    Welcome, wise_owl! Yes, we'd love to see what you've mapped in the past - and what you come up with in the future too.

    I've used owls as a heraldic feature of a number of nations on a pseudoGreek-flavor continent, specifically referring to their wisdom. I had fun devising these flags using that theme :-). L to R they're of Nolopherae, the DRI, Nolophon Caletica, and Sinoptikon.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do you have any owl involvement in your worldbuilding and mapping?

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    Hi, sorry for taking so long to respond, things, as they say, sometimes come up. The short answer to your question is 'not extensively' though that is not by design. While my present projects have no Own Iconography to them as of yet, that doesn't suggest they might not at some point in the future. Though the 'owl' in my user name has more personal connotations.

    My present world building project is a campaign with a bit of an Eastern European feel to it(specifically elements of Poland and Latvia actually), so in terms of Heraldry I've got a wide field. Maybe I should put in a family or location with an Owl Heraldic device.

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    welcome to the guild - looking forward to seeing your maps
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    If you need some help with Osteuropeisch backgrounds, resources and languages, there's a few of us here that can help you.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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